Top Ten Tuesday: What I Love About Christmas

December 12, 2011

There is so much going on this time of year….always. It seems no matter how much you plan in advance, there is always something that comes up where the entire month of December seems so rushed.

So, I took time yesterday to sit back with a cup of hot tea and make a list of my favorite things about this season.

2011 Christmas Tree




1. Teaching my children the real meaning of Christmas. It’s amazing at what they pick up at such a young age….and how they teach you a few things about the season as well.

2. Our Advent Calendar. Thanks to OhAmanda for the amazing Truth in the Tinsel Advent E-book. (click image to find out more!)


3. Baking cookies with my boys

4. Adopting a child or family for Christmas. My son had such a great time picking out items for his adopted child. He has no idea who this little boy is. All he knows is that he is the same age as he and he won’t have much for Christmas. His tender, sweet, generous heart encourages me.

5. Christmas books & movies

6. Listening to Christmas carols

7. The smell of my Christmas candles. My favorite? Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar.

8. Christmas lights

9. Hoping and wishing for snow on Christmas morning.

10. The excitement and magic from my boys looking forward to Santa.

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